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Not one for saying much about myself really. I am a very private person and only share with the ones I can trust, online that isn't many people. Don't be offended by that, I've just had to learn this the hard way.

I am a geek/nerd/dork all of the aforementioned. I love science fiction and fantasy, Transformers being at the forefront of that, having overtaken my first love of Startrek and I am only here because I love to read other people's stories and check out their amazing art work and I finally got the courage to share my own, with a large amount of encouragement from my close friend and beta, let me tell you. ^__^

Here are the links: profile name is Optimus Bob please see above link for more stories :)

This is a link to to some of my earlier stories under the name GabrielC. Movieverse ones and others you're probably already familiar with...

There's not really much else to say about me. I am online as I am in RL, serious, bit silly, tactless and blunt at times and completely neurotic and paranoid. Totally dedicated to the TF fandom. I honestly don't know how people manage more than one, I think my brain would implode under the strain. That's about it really. I'm sure you got bored and wondered off in the middle but there you go. Short and simple. Like me :)


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also; classical music, cinema, crime, cycling, easy listening, eclectic tastes; classical, eclectic: mystery, fantasy, films, house, interested in; crime, martial arts, mentalist, music, pretty much everything, reading, rock, sci fi, science fiction, scrubs, star trek, stargate, startrek, tess gerritsen books, thrillers, transformers, transformers fan art., wildlife conservation, writing, writing transformers fan fiction
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